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Share study images at the push of a button

The healthcare provider Gesundheitsvorsorge (GVS) was already using Telepaxx' long-term archive to store CT and X-ray studies. In addition, GVS was now searching for a replacement for CDs and DVDs to share images and findings with various doctors and patients.

Share study images at the push of a button

Gesundheitsvorsorge (GVS)


The customer: Occupational healthcare for specific professional groups

The Gesundheitsvorsorge (GVS) is a central service facility for the statutory accident insurance institutions run by the Employer's Liability Insurance Association for Energy, Textiles, Electrical and Media Products in Germany (BG ETEM). It organizes occupational health care for people who have been exposed to certain pollutants such as dust containing asbestos fibers during their working lives. In addition to X-ray examinations, the GVS offers a specific group of people an annual health examination with high-resolution CT with a low radiation dose (LD-HRCT) for the early detection of lung cancer.

The challenge: Share CT and X-ray studies more efficiently

As part of their health screening, the GVS performs around 70,000 preventive health examinations per year. 20,000 of these are part of the lung cancer screening offered for a specific group of people. In the past, the associated CT and X-ray studies were stored on CDs and DVDs. Due to the large quantities of studies, the work involved in creating, shipping, and reading the data carriers caused high labor and material cost. In addition, it was difficult to meet the given timelines, as shipping by mail often took too long. Therefore, GVS was looking for a way to make its workflows more efficient, save costs and increase convenience for all parties involved. Those included the initial assessors, the employees of GVS in Augsburg and the secondary assessors.

"With the Telepaxx Health Cloud, we have found an efficient, convenient and, above all, secure solution for our complex workflows. This not only saves us time and money, but also increases the satisfaction of everyone involved."

Christian Wolff, DP/IT Coordinator Gesundheitsvorsorge (GVS)

The solution: Digital storage solution with consigner portal

To make it easier to transmit and archive the X-ray and CT images, GVS opted for the long-term archive from Telepaxx Medical Data in combination with the sharing function. The GDPR-compliant health cloud solution enables radiological facilities to automatically send the studies they have created to GVS. These studies are then available digitally for all further processes. For example, the current images can be sent to external specialists for quality assurance.

After the examination and initial assessment of patients close to their home, the medical data from the PACS of the initial assessor is sent automatically and digitally via a DICOM interface to the GVS. The GVS staff imports the images and findings into the PACS of the GVS and easily forwards them to selected secondary assessors.

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