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A vendor-netural archive that pays off

Nuremberg Hospital, one of the largest municipal hospitals in Europe, was looking for a vendor-neutral long-term archive for radiology and cardiology. This was requested and awarded as a separate lot in a PACS tender.

Langzeitarchiv für Radiologie und Kardiologie

Nuremberg Hospital


The customer: One of the largest municipal hospitals in Europe

With around 2,200 beds and 8,400 employees at two sites in the North and South of Nuremberg, Nuremberg Hospital is one of the largest municipal hospitals in Europe. Each year, the hospital treats just over 100,000 inpatients and 170,000 outpatients.

The challenge: Vendor-neutral archiving for radiology and cardiology

When it comes to storing patient data, clinics have a great responsibility in terms of data protection. However, in addition to protecting sensitive data, Nuremberg Hospital was also concerned with finding a resource-efficient solution.

In the course of the tender process for a vendor-neutral long-term archiving solution, Nuremberg Hospital validated the costs for different approaches after five and ten years, and evaluated the expenses for hardware, maintenance and service. They evaluated three options: a digital, server-based long-term archive, hard disk-based solutions and jukebox systems.

Furthermore, solutions for purchase and as an external service were compared with each other.

"With 250,000 examinations per year and a daily image data volume of 25 GB, it quickly became clear that sufficient importance must be given to long-term archiving."

Former medical physicist at Nuremberg Hospital

The solution: Vendor-neutral archive with efficient data transfer

Nuremberg Hospital has been storing radiology image data digitally since 2000. In the beginning, the images of individual modalities were archived, but just five years later a complex SAN landscape (Storage Area Network) emerged. As a result, the hospital management decided to put long-term archiving out to tender in a separate lot when it introduced a new, uniform PACS solution throughout the hospital.

Telepaxx Medical Data was able to win this tender process because of complete vendor neutrality, compliance with the highest data protection standards and a convincing price-performance ratio.

As part of Telepaxx' long-term archive, the images of all modalities are automatically forwarded from the online PACS servers to the Telepaxx' department server, which thus ensures duplicate data storage right from the start. Since over 50 modalities in five connected clinics generate enormous data traffic, the images are sent from the department server to the long-term archive automatically when the network load is low.

In addition, Nuremberg Hospital appreciates that Telepaxx quickly restores images from the long-term archive when needed.

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