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One Integration, Numerous AI Tools

New standard interface to the deepc AI platform

Telepaxx Medical Data and deepc create the first vendor-neutral cloud-to-cloud connection for hospitals and radiologies to integrate AI-based imaging and reporting tools.

With just one integration of the PACS to the Telepaxx Medical Data Cloud (TMD Cloud), medical institutions can apply different AI classifiers in a vendor-neutral way and use the results in their respective PACS.

This saves IT project time and enables easy deployment of artificial intelligence.

Discover AI classifier from deepc

Explore the over 25 curated AI classifiers for different clinical indications on our partner deepc's website.

Whether identifying multiple sclerosis in MRI images, detecting lung nodules in CT images, or assisting in the assessment of bone health based on X-ray images: Via deepc, various certified AI tools are available to support your findings.

Compatible with all PACS

Open cloud-to-cloud connectivity compatible with all PACS as well as third-party software.

High data protection standard

High data security and data integrity through innovative authorization management.

Straightforward integration

Minimal integration effort due to central and standardized interface.

Simple purchase process

Telepaxx is your central contract partner. This means: only one contract, only one legal check and only one biller.

Sample AI integrations via Telepaxx and deepc

Diagnostic support in the emergency room

Using AI via Telepaxx and deepc's standard integration into an emergency department's imaging workflows, helps to better prioritize patients, reduce time in the ER, and provide patients and physicians with digital documents as part of discharge management. mit digitalen Dokumenten zu versorgen.

Virtual radiology across multiple sites

By connecting Telepaxx to deepc, IT departments are able to roll out AI-based software centrally at different sites. This ensures uniform standards and makes it possible to share images and findings across sites if required e.g. as part of a virtual radiology.

Integrate AI via cloud-to-cloud connectivity

Artificial intelligence (AI) can relieve medical staff, but practical use often fails due to a lack of IT support and high integration costs. The direct connection of the TMD Cloud to deepc's AI radiology platform removes these hurdles for you:

  • One-time integration with any PACS: Only one central technical integration to TMD Cloud, even when using multiple AI classifiers.

  • Extensive security mechanisms: The data stored in an encrypted form in the TMD Cloud is temporarily decrypted for processing by the AI and additionally pseudonymized if required.
  • One-time data protection agreement: Telepaxx is your central contractual partner, which significantly minimizes the administrative effort (only one GCU required).

  • Result retrieval in the workstation: The result of the AI is shown directly in the worklist or viewer. There, the physician can view the result and make a treatment decision.
Dorian von Karsa Telepaxx Medical Data
Dorian von Karsa, Head of Sales


You want to learn more?

Feel free to contact me to learn more about how you can benefit from the cooperation between Telepaxx Medical Data and deepc.

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