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Health Cloud for doctors and patients

Medical Data Sharing: Share patient data privacy-compliant via the Cloud

Put an end to patient CDs: With the cloud-based data sharing platform HealthDataSpace, you share medical data easily, digitally and in compliance with data protection laws. With patients as well as with other medical institutions.

Easy to integrate

Thanks to DICOM, IHE and HL7 interfaces, you can easily integrate our data sharing platform into your workflows and IT systems.


At HealthDataSpace, data protection is an integral part. One example: the multi-level encryption of medical data.

Cheaper than patient CDs

Completely digital processes reduce processing time and are less expensive than patient CDs. This relieves the burden on your staff and budget.

Optimal for teleradiology

The associated certified web viewer allows the data sharing platform to be used as a user-friendly teleradiology solution.

Digital transition management

Cloud-based sharing and referral portal saves working time

Through HealthDataSpace, you can digitally share X-rays, MRI images and other health data with third parties - absolutely privacy-compliant.

Instead of a patient CD, you quickly generate a QR code that gives patients access to their patient data in the cloud.

In addition, medical data can be forwarded from HealthDataSpace to colleagues for digital transition management.

The future: patient data in the cloud

Why you need a sharing platform

In general, more and more patient data is available digitally, for example in an electronic patient file. This also influences the workflows in hospitals and radiologies.

A medical data sharing platform helps you to design processes more efficiently, e.g.

  • Patient management
  • Transition management
  • Document and data access
  • Anamnesis and diagnosis
  • Teleradiology

Funding from German government for medical data sharing platforms

Currently, medical data sharing platforms such as HealthDataSpace are being financially supported as part of the Hospital Future Act to further advance the digitization of German hospitals.

Feel free to contact us if we can support you in implementing your funding measures.

Sharing portal with remote diagnosis function

Professional teleradiology through multi-platform approach

HealthDataSpace comes with a certified zero-footprint viewer. This makes the medical data sharing platform an optimal teleradiology tool for hospitals, radiology chains and alliances.

Regardless of the operating system or browser, diagnosis can be done at any location or facility. This allows you to bridge personnel bottlenecks and make better use of existing resources.

Easy digital access to images and diagnosis

Access patient data via app or web browser in the cloud

Patients also access their medical data easily with HealthDataSpace. Simply scan the QR code and retrieve images and diagnosis via the HealthDataSpace app (iOS, Android) or a web browser.

Optionally, patients can share medical data directly with other doctors, e.g. for inpatient treatment. The respective physicians can then load and view them in their PACS.

These hospitals and radiologists rely on HealthDataSpace

Nuremberg Hospital
radiomed Wiesbaden - Gemeinschaftspraxis für Radiologie und Nuklearmedizin
Erlangen University Hospital
Gesundheitsvorsorge (GVS)

FAQ about the Data Sharing Portal HealthDataSpace

A medical data sharing platform allows patients, as well as other physicians, to be electronically involved in the treatment process.

Patients can view and download their own medical documents from the platform and, if they wish, share them with physicians or medical institutions, for example, during rehab or in the context of outpatient follow-up care.

Doctors can use the platform to access the medical data of patients they have referred - such as X-rays or MRI images. Findings, lab results and doctor's letters can also be exchanged electronically between treating physicians easily and digitally.

Patients can find instructions on how retrieval via the QR code works on the dedicated HealthDataSpace website. In addition, you will find answers to frequently asked questions about HealthDataSpace there.

Click here to get directly to the help section of the HealthDataSpace.

The patient and referral portal HealthDataSpace uses innovative cloud technology to share patient data. From the modality or PACS, medical image data is uploaded to HealthDataSpace via a central interface, either automatically or with a mouse click. The QR code or link to the image data is given to the patient as a printed document or transferred to the HIS/RIS and optionally to other patient portals.

HealthDataSpace has DICOM, IHE and HL7 interfaces. This allows you to share DICOM data and PDFs according to IHE and HL7. If you would like to transfer additional data formats, please contact us - this is technically feasible in any case.

Creating a basic user account is free for physicians, professionals and patients. This allows you to view and retrieve data that has been shared with you.

Commercial user accounts with additional features such as creating patient codes to replace patient CDs or automated referral linking are available for a fee.

We will be happy to provide you with a non-binding offer based on your specific needs.

HealthDataSpace is available in a free basic version and a premium version for which a fee is charged. The range of functions varies depending on the user account and role (physician, patient).

Den Produktflyer als pdf herunterladen.

Click on the following link to get a free insight into the HealthDataSpace user interface from the patient's point of view. We will be happy to guide you through all the functionalities of HealthDataSpace in an approx. 15-minute web demo. Please contact us and we will arrange a non-binding appointment with you for a product demonstration.

To share image data, you only need Internet access, a Windows computer (physical or virtualized), and a DICOM interface on your PACS or modality. If you would also like to make findings available via HealthDataSpace, an HL7 or IHE interface on your information system (RIS/HIS) is still required.

If your institution already has a Windows computer - physical or virtual - and your PACS or modality has a DICOM, HL7 or IHE interface, we can set up the platform for you at short notice. In addition to these technical requirements, we then only need a document template from you for generating the QR codes, which will be stored in the system.

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