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Analyze DICOM data

Medical Data Intelligence for Research and Development

Merge your DICOM data stored in the archive with other medical data, create cohorts and use them for research and development projects.

Activate data

Unleash the potential of your DICOM data stored in the archive for use in research and development.

Quality assurance

Verify the reliability of AI tools using your own qualitative DICOM and other diagnostic medical data.

Anonymized data

Automatically generate cohorts from anonymized medical data for privacy-compliant use.

Easily integrated

Based on the TMD Cloud, you can easily integrate the analysis software into your existing system landscape.

Data silos hinder research

Decentralized data storage complicates evaluation

How can I use my medical data for research in a legally secure way? This is a question that concerns many hospitals. In most cases, decentralized data storage and a lack of tools for finding relevant medical data are the reasons.

With the Telepaxx Medical Data Cloud (TMD Cloud), you identify and build cohorts from your dataset quickly and reliably - via a full-text search in DICOM data, findings and other text fields.

Internal quality assurance

Verify use of AI with own medical data

By cohorting your own data, you can also optimize yourinternal quality assurance, for example, to check the reliability of AI solutions - before they are first deployed, but also as part of continuous quality assurance.

This creates trust for Artificial Intelligence among your staff, your patients but also the public.

Anonymized medical data for secondary data use

Medical data such as X-ray images, findings and patient data are sensitive information that requires special protection. Therefore, these may not be used without further ado even for research and development - unless the patients have given you their explicit consent.

Under certain circumstances, anonymization of data opens up possibilities for DSGVO-compliant secondary data use, even without separate patient consent. All personally-identifiable data is removed prior to data provision.

Anonymized medical data can then be used for various applications, such as

  • own research and development projects 
  • a verification of software solutions like AI classifier
  • research projects with third parties such as other research institutions or clinics

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