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Fujifilm and Telepaxx simplify the privacy-compliant sharing of medical image data

  • Share image data via QR code or web link from Synapse
  • Cost and time savings due to elimination of patient CDs
Patientenportal: Teilen Sie diagnostische Daten einfach mit Kollegen und Patienten über unser cloud-basiertes Patientenportal.

Büchenbach/Munich, March 20, 2024. FUJIFILM Europe GmbH and Telepaxx Medical Data GmbH, provider of the largest cloud for diagnostic medical data in Europe, have agreed a partnership for the German-speaking region. As part of the cooperation, hospitals and other medical facilities will be able to easily share DICOM data digitally via the Fujifilm networking platform Synapse.

This is made possible by the sharing solution from Telepaxx, which enables the exchange of DICOM data via QR code or web link, both with patients and with downstream facilities. With the data protection-compliant sharing solution, healthcare providers save both working time and costs, as the time-consuming burning of patient CDs and hardware costs for a burning robot as well as its maintenance are eliminated.

Bundling expertise for easy sharing of image data

"Fujifilm and Telepaxx are companies with many years of expertise in the management of diagnostic image data. We are pooling this expertise through the cooperation in order to support hospitals and doctors in private practice in the digitalization of central workflows and thus make their day-to-day work easier," explains Andreas Dobler, Managing Director of Telepaxx Medical Data.

"It's great to have Telepaxx as a strong partner at our side. We are very much looking forward to working together. In the interests of our customers, patient data can now be exchanged in a modern way via QR code or web link," adds Frank Klägel, PreSales Consultant Healthcare IT at Fujifilm.

Easy handling with QR code, secure protection with 2FA

Using the Telepaxx sharing solution, Synapse users generate a QR code or a web link directly from the platform. These are then shared with the patient or with the downstream facility via a (electronic) doctor's letter. To gain access to the encrypted image data, two-factor authentication (2FA) must be performed before decryption.

In addition, customers of the Synapse platform have the option of archiving DICOM images in Telepaxx Medical Data's cloud-based long-term archive via a newly created standard interface.

About Telepaxx

Telepaxx Medical Data GmbH operates the largest cloud for diagnostic medical data in Europe and manages over 25 billion image data for customers in the healthcare sector. The aim of the established health IT company is to work with customers and partners to drive digitalization in clinics and imaging disciplines such as radiology, cardiology or gynaecology and to establish cloud-based services in the healthcare sector.

Telepaxx Medical Data was founded in 1996 and has offices in Büchenbach near Nuremberg and in Munich. The company works with several hundred hospitals and doctors in private practice in Germany.

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About Fujifilm

Fujifilm engagiert sich seit 25 Jahren für die Standardisierung und Vereinfachung des  medizinischen Datenaustauschs. Neben der Bereitstellung von Bildmanagement- und Archivierungssystemen umfasst das Portfolio des Unternehmens im Healthcare-IT-Sektor verschiedene Lösungen, die mit der digitalen Vernetzungsplattform SYNAPSE zusammengeführt werden können – unabhängig vom Hersteller in der gesamten Einrichtung und über alle Standorte hinweg. Ganz gleich ob für die Radiologie, Kardiologie, Pathologie oder andere Fachbereiche.

Fujifilm was founded in Japan in 1934 and has been active in the medical sector worldwide for more than 80 years.

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