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TMD Cloud enables customers to manage change via IHE-IOCM

Users of the Telepaxx Medical Data Cloud - TMD Cloud for short - can now also make study-level changes according to defined standards thanks to the newly available IHE-IOCM integration profile.

Viewing, annotating, and saving medical data with a PACS

Buechenbach, January 21, 2020. Users of the Telepaxx Medical Data Cloud can now benefit from the advantages of the new standardized integration profile IHE-IOCM. 

Der Änderungsmanagement-Standard IOCM (Image Object Change Management) definiert, wie Mediziner lokale Änderungen an bestehenden bildgebenden Objekten an andere Beteiligte kommuniziert werden, die Kopien der betroffenen Bilder in ihren eigenen lokalen Systemen verwalten. The system informs users that images should no longer be used for specific reasons (e.g., quality, safety).

Until now, such changes in the Telepaxx Medical Data cloud archive could only be made using IHE-PIR at the patient level (e.g. patient update, patient merge) or via versioning.

Through IHE-IOCM, changes can now also be made at the study level (e.g. study split, reassign, delete) as well as at the series and image level. In this way, all changes can be controlled from an upstream PACS and automated end-to-end.

Like IHE-PIR, IHE-IOCM can be optionally added to the Telepaxx Medical Data vendor-neutral archive.


About Telepaxx

Telepaxx Medical Data GmbH operates the largest healthcare data cloud in Europe and manages over 20 billion image data for healthcare customers. The goal of the established medical technology company is to work with customers and partners to drive digitization in clinics and radiologies and to establish data-based technologies and services in the healthcare sector.

Telepaxx Medical Data was founded in 1996 and has offices in Buechenbach near Nuremberg and in Munich. The company works with several hundred hospitals and medical practices in Germany.

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