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Press Release

MSK platform available from ImageBiopsy Lab

Effective immediately, the ImageBiopsy Lab company's MSK platform is available via the TMD Cloud. This gives radiologists easy access to AI-supported MSK image diagnostics. The structured reports of findings support referring orthopedists in particular.

Buechenbach, October 21, 2021 Faster and more structured - that's what referring physicians want for radiological findings. But especially the radiological reporting of musculoskeletal diseases (MSK diseases) such as osteoarthritis is often subjective, inconsistent and time-consuming.

ImageBiopsy Lab wants to change that. With its MSK platform, the AI provider from Vienna automates and standardizes medical workflows and thus not only accelerates routine tasks, but also supports physicians in complex therapy decisions. Via the Telepaxx Medical Data Cloud (TMD Cloud), hospitals and radiologists can now integrate the AI assistance system into their RIS/HIS and PACS workflows via a standardized interface.

The MSK platform is ideal for all medical facilities that:

  • want to increase the satisfaction of their referring physicians
  • Need support with MSK diagnostics
  • want to increase the quality of findings and save time at the same time.
Automated second opinion and structured MSK reports

ImageBiopsy Lab offers AI-powered software for various body regions with its MSK platform:

  • Hands (PANDA - to assess bone age and development in children)
  • Knee (KOALA - for the detection of knee osteoarthritis)
  • Hip (HIPPO - for measuring the hip joint angle)
  • Legs (LAMA - for the detection of leg length discrepancies, pre- and postoperatively)

The structured reports of findings from the MSK platform can be discussed with patients during the same visit. The MSK platform works at an expert level, having been trained and validated on thousands of cases from various clinical settings in the EU and the US.

Putting AI solutions into operation: as simple as can be

Via the TMD Cloud, physicians can quickly put the MSK platform into operation and take an easy entry into the world of artificial intelligence. The software is integrated into the local PACS and, if applicable, RIS/HIS, thus enabling fast AI diagnosis with the highest possible data protection, as the patient data never leaves the medical facility at any time. Extensive IT projects with separate contracts etc. are not necessary.

About Telepaxx Medical Data

Telepaxx Medical Data GmbH operates the largest healthcare data cloud in Europe and manages over 20 billion image data for healthcare customers. The goal of the established medical technology company is to work with customers and partners to drive digitization in clinics and radiologies and to establish data-based technologies and services in the healthcare sector.

Telepaxx Medical Data was founded in 1996 and has offices in Buechenbach near Nuremberg and in Munich. The company works with several hundred hospitals and medical practices in Germany.

Miriam Friedmann, Marketing bei Telepaxx Medical Data

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