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Dose management made easy

Dose management system: Automatically record and evaluate radiation doses

Implement radiation protection in radiology in an uncomplicated way: The Domako dose management system automatically documents radiation doses and analyzes them. The digital documentation required by the German Radiation Protection Act is thus made easy.

Live view on dosimetry

Dosimetry of all modalities at a glance: With the live view on the applied radiation doses.

Uniform documentation

Uniform documentation standard across all modalities used in radiology.

Comprehensive dashboard

User-friendly dashboard that highlights dose exceedances and offers numerous filters, e.g. protocol or modality.

Digital quality management

Find the optimal compromise between applied radiation dose and image quality thanks to dose management software.

Mandatory in radiology

Digital dose management required by law

Since January 1, 2019, an extended documentation obligation for radiology has applied according to the German Radiation Protection Act. In order to fulfill these requirements efficiently, a digital dose management system is required that can transmit the relevant data to the appropriate authorities at the push of a button.

Important to know: The last transitional arrangements defined in the Radiation Protection Act for existing modalities expire on January 1, 2023.

What a dose management system does

Digitally record, store and analyze radiation doses

Dose management software such as Domako automatically receives, documents, and evaluates the dose values stored in the DICOM data.

The special feature of Domako via Telepaxx: The Software-as-a-Service works with any PACS, regardless of manufacturer. Optionally, the data can also be received directly from the individual modalities.

Domako: Your dose management software with many advantages

Domako provides radiologists with a tool for dose management in accordance with the German Radiation Protection Act that can be integrated at short notice. This offers the following advantages and functions, among others:

  • Immediate installation without additional hardware (for Telepaxx customers)
  • Diagrams and statistics with comparisons to diagnostic reference values
  • Automatic Email notification when reference values are exceeded
  • Ideal work tool for employed or consulting medical physics experts (MPE)
  • Digital documentation of incidents for an efficient information and reporting system
  • Retrospective evaluation of dose data using Structured Reports (RDSR)

Radiation protection law in radiology

Report incidents digitally and optimize protocols easily

In order to fulfill the legal documentation obligation, the introduction of a digital dose management system is indispensable. Dose exceedances are automatically detected and the information and reporting system for incidents is simplified.

Thanks to the Domako digital dose management software, the medical physics expert required by the German Radiation Protection Act can optimize protocols. This is enabled independently of any incidents and helps identify individual and structural exceedances more easily.

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Questions and answers about the dose management system

A digital dose management system is a software solution that automatically documents data on applied radiation doses in a legally compliant manner. The software obtains the required information from the DICOM header of the radiological images. Only with a digital dose management system can the requirements of the Radiation Protection Act regarding the documentation obligation be implemented in a meaningful way.

Yes, Domako works with all modalities used in radiology and with any PACS system, regardless of manufacturer.

Telepaxx offers the Domako dose management software as a software-as-a-service solution. This means that you do not buy the software as a download or on an installation CD, but acquire a cloud license of the software. The advantage: You always use the latest software version and the installation is very simple.

For employed or consulting medical physics experts, Domako is an ideal work tool. The Domako dashboard can be accessed from any common web browser, regardless of location - even from a mobile device. In addition, the graphical presentation and the numerous data filters facilitate the analysis for the medical physics expert. This allows him to optimize protocols and better identify individual and structural dose exceedances.

In principle, you only need a DICOM interface for images at your PACS, long-term archive or the respective modalities. Which PACS provider or which modality brands you use is irrelevant, as Domako works vendor-independently. To call up the dashboard, you also need an Internet-capable end device with a web browser.

Yes, this is possible in principle. If your modalities already generate dose data and these are already stored at Telepaxx or another archive provider, they can often also be evaluated retrospectively with Domako. The only prerequisite: The data must be available as structured reports.

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