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Cloud-based DICOM archiving

Vendor-neutral archive for medical images and diagnostic data

Store DICOM images and diagnosis data in an audit-proof manner in the Telepaxx Medical Data Cloud, our Vendor Neutral Archive (VNA).

Three additional plus points: Redundant data storage, an intelligent encryption concept and easy scalability.

Compatible with all PACS

Integrate our digital long-term archive with any PACS system or modality thanks to standardized interfaces.

Flexibly scalable

Whether small practice, large clinic or network: The vendor-neutral archive of the Cloud PACS is flexibly scalable for any data volume.

Data migration superfluous

Put an end to new storage media: With our cloud archive, you still have easy access to patient data even after up to 30 years.

Fast data availability

Whether for a treatment or in a recovery-event: you can obtain your data from the TMD Cloud in the shortest possible time, even site-wide.

Central archive for patient data

Easily expandable cloud storage

Use our vendor-neutral cloud archive (VNA) and retain sovereignty over your data at all times - regardless of the PACS, RIS or HIS used.

Long-term electronic archiving of patient records in a central cloud enables you to access them from different locations or departments if required - for faster reporting and better use of resources.

Long-term archive as PACS backup

Quickly restore image and diagnostic data

Whether power outage or water damage: In the event of an unexpected failure of your PACS archive, our vendor neutral archive quickly steps in and makes the lost images and diagnosis available to you again virtually at the push of a button.

As part of a failure concept, you can optionally expand our vendor neutral archive and upgrade to the Cloud-PACS. With the cloud-based viewer included, you thus safeguard against a failure of your primary PACS.

The advantages of our vendor neutral archive

With the vendor neutral from Telepaxx, the legal archiving periods of up to 30 years as well as constantly growing data volumes are no longer a problem for you. Our cloud archive for patient data offers you numerous benefits:

  • No permanent data migration required as with other storage solutions such as hard drives or jukeboxes
  • Unalterable storage of digital images in accordance with legal requirements
  • Flexible expansion of storage capacity as needed
  • High-availability of data stored in the vendor neutral archive
  • Encrypted storage of electronic patient data in Europe
  • Compatible with any PACS, RIS/HIS and modality
  • Multi-content archiving for images, diagnosis and other medical data

These customers trust in our vendor neutral archiv

Asklepios Kliniken
radiomed Wiesbaden - Gemeinschaftspraxis für Radiologie und Nuklearmedizin
Erlangen University Hospital
Gesundheitsvorsorge (GVS)

FAQ about the long-term archive

Telepaxx Medical Data encrypts all image data and diagnostic data before archiving it in the TMD Cloud. The keys are managed separately. This ensures the highest level of data security and is absolutely data protection compliant.

All cloud-based solutions from Telepaxx function in a vendor-neutral manner - including the long-term archive. This means that it does not matter which modality, PACS or viewer you are currently using or would like to use in the future: Our vendor neutral archive is compatible with it, and a change of manufacturer is possible at any time, simply and without complications. If required, you will receive additional assistance from our own support team based in Germany.

Der Zugriff auf die Daten erfolgt über die Anbindung eines in ihrer Einrichtung befindlichen Servers (On-Premises) an die Telepaxx Medical Data Cloud (TMD Cloud). Die verschlüsselten Gesundheitsdaten werden im Falle einer Datenanforderung in wenigen Sekunden über den Server vor Ort an Ihr PACS oder die jeweilige Workstation ausgegeben.

Cloud archiving of your diagnostic medical data makes it available to you in the shortest possible time. Dual data storage at different server locations in Europe ensures that your data is archived reliably and audit-proof.

When working with Telepaxx, you need an on-premises server at your facility. This is either provided by you (physically or virtually) or by Telepaxx Medical Data. Additional servers for long-term data storage in your facility are not required. This means you need less space and your maintenance effort is minimized.

The vendor neutral archive from Telepaxx follows the concept of multi-content archiving. This means that in addition to DICOM data, you can also archive documents in accordance with IHE and XDS in an audit-proof manner. If you would like to store other data formats, please contact us - this is technically feasible in any case.

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