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TMD Cloud: Bringing medical data securely into the cloud

Manage your medical data efficiently and without a lengthy IT project in the cloud. Retrieve medical data from any PACS, RIS or HIS and allow cloud-based tools to access your data in a GDPR-compliant way.

Trust in the Telepaxx Medical Datga Cloud - Europe's leading healthcare cloud for diagnostic medical data. 

Minimal IT effort

Thanks to standard interfaces and an experienced project team, the TMD Cloud is ready for use in just a few weeks.

Maximum data protection

The medical data is stored in encrypted form on European servers - separated from the respective keys.

Absolutely manufacturer-neutral

The Telepaxx Medical Data Cloud works with all PACS, RIS and HIS, as well as other software solutions such as AI Classifier.

Personal support

Our local customer support will help you competently and straightforwardly by phone and e-mail with any question.

Healthcare Cloud with strong security concept

Secure data management thanks to encryption

The Telepaxx Medical Data Cloud is much more than a data archive: it promotes the secure exchange of data in the healthcare sector - between specialist departments, hospitals and doctors, and with patients.

To protect sensitive medical data, the TMD Cloud offers an authorization management. You determine who may access your data stored in the cloud in encrypted form in compliance with data protection regulations - whether it is a doctor, a patient or a software application. Your data - your data sovereignty.


Implement a healthcare cloud with little effort

No more resource-intensive hardware and system updates and complex network security: The TMD Cloud relieves your IT and hosts medical data in a healthcare cloud in compliance with the GDPR.

Your IT department can focus on innovation projects, make work easier for physicians, and give patients digital access to their health data in the cloud.


The TMD Cloud: The secure hub for your health data

With the Telepaxx Medical Data Cloud, you create a central data pool for your medical data. This brings numerous advantages for IT, physicians, but also patients:

  • Efficient use of valuable IT personnel resources due to reduced administrative IT workload
  • Higher data security through specialized cloud hosting provider and multi-level encryption process
  • Easily share data with physicians and patients, as well as digital health applications such as apps, the EHR, or AI classifiers
  • Vendor neutrality of the Telepaxx Medical Data Cloud allows you to combine exactly the software systems and solutions you value and to use the data in the long term regardless of the application used
  • Short-term implementation due to minimal internal IT effort and standardized interfaces (HL7, FIHR, DICOM, IHE)


Medical data cloud as a starting point for innovations

On the foundation of the TMD Cloud as a central healthcare cloud, you can implement different solutions to further develop your processes and workflows.

In addition to the basic function as a a digital long-term archive and patient portal for sharing medical data, you can also expand the Telepaxx Medical Data Cloud to a cloud PACS as a supplement to your primary PACS or integrate various classifiers for AI reporting into clinical workflows via just one interface.

Questions and answers about TMD Cloud

TMD Cloud differs from other healthcare cloud service providers in three main ways:

  1. It functions in a manufacturer-independent manner. This means that medical data can be stored in the Telepaxx Medical Data Cloud from any PACS or RIS/HIS and transferred from there to any PACS or RIS/HIS at any time.
  2. It has a double security net to protect sensitive medical data. All data is automatically encrypted before it is transferred from the medical facility to the TMD Cloud. The keys required to read the data are stored on separate servers in Germany. This ensures that no unauthorized access to the data can occur from third countries such as the USA.
  3. The data protection-compliant security concepts of the Telepaxx Medical Data Cloud are based on over 25 years of operational experience in Germany.

The TMD Cloud relies on a sophisticated encryption concept, where medical data is stored encrypted in the cloud and can only be read with the corresponding keys, which are stored on another separate server. In this way, we even go beyond the requirements of the GDPR - to protect your patient data.

The data from the Telepaxx Medical Data Cloud is mirrored and stored at different data centers in Europe and protected from hacker attacks etc. by extensive cyber security measures.

The TMD Cloud is absolutely vendor-neutral. This means that you can transfer data from any PACS, RIS or HIS to the Telepaxx Medical Data Cloud or read data from it. Even a change of PACS, RIS, HIS or modality is no problem.

The use of international standards such as DICOM and IHE eliminates the need for regular, time-consuming data migrations.

The data move is very convenient for you: We provide you with a DICOM node to transfer the data to the Telepaxx Medical Data Cloud.

If required, we can also provide an XDS repository for existing customers, to which the images are sent once. Telepaxx takes care of everything else for you.

The Telepaxx Medical Data Cloud is suitable for hospitals and radiologists of all sizes. In addition, other imaging specialties such as pathology or cardiology can also benefit from the TMD Cloud.

Contact us for detailed information on a deployment at your medical facility.

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