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Cloud archive for St. Josef Hospital

The Catholic Hospital St. Josef Schweinfurt was looking for a solution to replace its local image archive, which was based on hard disk storage, with a new long-term archive that offers flexible storage requirements and enables greater networking with other medical facilities. At the same time, the workflow for distributing the images was to be designed digitally, thus replacing the CD-Rom as the transfer medium.


Hospital St. Josef Schweinfurt


Future-oriented medicine and traditional values at St. Josef Hospital

The Hospital St. Josef is a Catholic hospital in Schweinfurt, which combines future-oriented medicine with traditional, Christian values. It was founded in 1931 and is the only denominational hospital in the Schweinfurt area.

With over 700 employees, St. Josef Hospital provides care for more than 13,000 inpatients and 17,000 outpatients per year. The hospital has 272 beds distributed over seven specialist departments.

Cloud-Archiv mit Sharing und Viewing für das St. Josef Krankenhaus

In the course of a tender process, St. Josef Hospital chose the vendor-neutral and cloud-based long-term archive from Telepaxx Medical Data, in combination with a viewing module for image viewing and reporting. In addition, the Catholic hospital chose Telepaxx's QR code solution to easily share images and findings with patients and medical staff, for example, as part of outpatient follow-up treatment.

"We had already heard positive things from Telepaxx from the radiology department in Schweinfurt, and we also needed an archiving solution that we could deploy quickly and integrate with our existing systems."

Erwin Göbel, Head of Administration and Organizational Development at St. Josef Hospital Schweinfurt

From the decision for the long-term archive based on the TMD Cloud to operational use, a total of only five months project time passed, whereby the majority was taken up by the legacy data transfer, as the readout of the data from the previous hard disk storage was relatively slow.

However, once the data had been read out and backed up in the TMD Cloud, the operational running of the archive, viewing and sharing solution was realized in just under two months. This also included training for the staff to accompany the introduction of the new, completely digital image management processes. In exchange with the physicians at St. Josef Hospital, the clinic and Telepaxx are continuously working together to optimize the new processes for users in order to make it as easy and convenient as possible for medical staff to use the image data.

After only six months, the benefits of the cloud-based long-term archive are already noticeable for the medical staff: For example, the house-wide image distribution, but also the image transfer from the radiology department in Schweinfurt have become much easier.

The doctors on duty in the emergency department can now, for example, conveniently find the CT and MRI images they receive from the ambulatory healthcare center via their worklist, as the images are displayed directly in their PACS via standardized interfaces. For this purpose, St. Josef Klinik also introduced the "teamVIEW" medical viewer from Telepaxx software partner Digithurst as part of the project. In addition, the doctors now have clear and immediate access to all patient images relevant for the respective workday via the worklist, which has improved morning rounds as well as surgery preparation.

But also for the IT department of St. Josef Hospital, the move to the TMD Cloud archive has improved many things: Since the storage, archiving and retrieval of images from the cloud is fully automated, there are no longer any reading problems that previously had to be solved by time-consuming manual interventions. In addition, images managed in the TMD Cloud deliver more extensive standards than the previous storage medium. This has significantly improved interoperability, especially with the radiology department in Schweinfurt.

Expansion of new digital workflows planned

After the conversion of the archive from hard disk storage to cloud storage, the introduction of the medical viewer integrated with it and the replacement of the patient CD with the QR code solution from Telepaxx, Erwin Göbel is now pursuing the goal of further optimizing the new digital processes in order to leverage all process benefits:

"I want digital processes from a single source with as few clicks or manual to-dos as possible for our physicians. With the TMD Cloud, we have a stable and flexible base technology to easily use medical images. Next, we want to connect clinical processes even better with the image archive, for example as part of the diagnostic workflow or discharge management."

St. Josef Hospital in Schweinfurt shows how the digitization of processes can make the day-to-day work of hospital IT and medical staff easier, and: what advantages networking with other facilities brings. The hospital thinks from the medical processes and looks for ways to support them through IT and image management.

Through this way of thinking, the joint project with Telepaxx has made it possible to fully implement an electronic service request (order entry), including the transmission of results back, and to do so both in-house and with external radiology - true to the motto of St. Josef Hospital: Combining future-oriented medicine and traditional values..

Dorian von Karsa Telepaxx Medical Data
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