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Topic: Digitization in the hospital

German Hospital Future Act: How to implement funding measures on time

The German Hospital Future Act (KHZG) supports German hospitals in their digitization efforts. The initiative focuses on measures focusing on digitization, IT security and the creation of modern emergency capacities. Important to know: There are monetary penalties if support measures are not implemented within the expected timeframe. This includes e.g. the implementation of a digital patient portal. Find out in this article how to implement a digital patient portal on time by avoiding a long-term IT project.

German Hospital Future Act: How to implement funding measures on time

Eleven funding measures accelerate digitization

The German federal and state governments are providing more than four billion Euros in funding through the Hospital Future Act. These funds will be allocated to measures in eleven funding categories. These include for example:

  • Digital patient portals (funding category 2)
  • Partially/fully automated clinical decision support (funding item 4)
  • Service reconciliation and cloud computing systems (funding item 7)
  • Telemedicine (funding item 9)
  • IT security (funding item 10)

Wichtig für Krankenhäuser und Kliniken im Blick zu haben: Werden die Fördertatbestände 2 bis 6 nicht bis Ende Dezember 2024 umgesetzt, drohen Strafzahlungen.

The KHZG: Not free of criticism

The German Hospital Future Act is meant to accelerate digitization, but it is also facing criticism from hospitals such as Asklepios: They criticize the high effort involved in submitting applications and the sometimes lengthy approval processes.

Subsequent implementation also presents hospitals with great challenges. For example, service providers and software suppliers hardly have any free capacities available for such projects in the medium term. Thus, great flexibility is needed to meet implementation deadlines, e.g. for a digital medical data sharing platform.

No need to worry about the deadline

Funded data sharing portal to be implemented in just a few weeks

Telepaxx Medical Data offers a digitales medical data sharing portal, that is established in the market and can be easily integrated by hospitals.

The cloud-based solution is eligible for funding under funding item 2 and can be implemented in just a few weeks.


Promoting cloud infrastructure for more IT security

In general, cloud solutions open up new technological opportunities for hospitals. These are specifically promoted by the KHZG in funding item 7.

Cloud infrastructures can also increase IT security. Due to distributed data centers and high investments in security measures, specialized cloud providers generally offer a higher level of protection, e.g. for stored patient data.

As the operator of the leading Health Cloud in Germany, Telepaxx Medical Data offers data protection-compliant cloud solutions that have been specifically developed for hospitals.

With the Telepaxx Medical Data Cloud (TMD Cloud) you can easily implement the following applications, among others:

  1. Digital patient portal (funding item 2)
  2. Partially or fully automated clinical decision support systems (funding item 4)
  3. Cloud-based PACS including long-term archive (funding item 7)



Deadline for implementation of funding projects

Nach dem Antrag und der Bewilligung geht es an die Umsetzung der eingereichten Fördervorhaben. A key concern for the hospitals: implementation by the deadline of December 31, 2024.

This is because after this deadline, progress payments of up to 2 percent of the invoice amount for each fully and partially inpatient case will be due if not all digital services of funding categories 2 to 6 have been implemented.

Fast implementation due to vendor neutrality and standard interfaces

Two aspects help you to implement your funding projects faster: Vendor neutrality and standardized interfaces. Telepaxx offers you both. This means that new solutions can be easily integrated into your existing system landscape.

In addition, the use of cloud-based solutions is recommended, as these usually do not require new hardware and their implementation is therefore faster.

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